Finding the Right Debt Settlement Company

In today’s world, the economy is not doing well and there are more people looking for solutions desperately to get themselves out from debts. One of the popular financial plans currently is the debt settlement plan. However, looking for a good service provider which you can get debt relief assistance is quite challenging. You definitely need to spend some time and effort in your searching process. You are reminded not to rush into a quick decision which leads you to the wrong choice.

For people who are stressful in dealing with debt collection agencies, you must start looking for assistance from today onwards. Here are 3 important tips to guide you to make the right selection.

Tip No. 1:

Find out the service fees charged by different companies. There are many types of fee structures offered by different providers in the market. In common, a standard guideline here is to choose the company that charges 15% or less of the total debt amount you owe as its service charge and there is no more additional fee incurred. If the company charges more than that percentage, don’t engage them as your representative to deal with creditors.

Tip No. 2:

In the process of selection, find out whether there is any privacy policy set by the service providers. It is indeed important for you to ensure that the service providers have privacy statements where they are not allowed to sell your personal information to the third parties.

Tip No. 3:

It is a must for you to verify that the company you are going to select is listed with the Better Business Bureau. This is to ensure that this company is doing legal business and it has good standing in the point of view of the public.

To sum up, by following the 3 main tips above, you are able to make the choice which you will not regret in the future.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Settlements

Minor claims for personal injuries in Los Angeles may take about six months to reach a conclusion. Where severe injuries are involved, the time required for resolution is likely to be two years or more. The cost of litigation to the insurance company is much more than it is to the plaintiff (the victim who files the claim).

In most personal injury cases the insurance adjustor makes an initial offer and tries to settle quickly. If that effort fails, the company gets down to negotiating. It is an art, but time-consuming. If a seasoned lawyer is appearing for the victim, he is sure to obtain a good settlement, provided all the details furnished to him are correct. The services of insurance company adjustors turned settlement counselors are obtainable. They know all the ropes. Also available are online tools and software to help the plaintiff.

From time to time the lawyer will keep the client informed about the progress of the negotiations, and also his recommendation when the final offer from the insurance company is received. It is for the client to accept or reject. The details of the proposal should be studied, and doubts clarified with the lawyer. If a settlement is accepted, the insurance company could be instructed to pay the lawyer and the medical bills directly. Sometimes the lawyer might accept the offer without referring to the client. This is improper, and the client could protest. Normally the insurance company issues the settlement check jointly in favor of the client and the lawyer.

There is a system known as ‘structured settlement,’ which is gaining popularity. Here the settlement money is paid over a period of time. It offers many initial options, and the money is kept in funds that allow it to grow. The recipient must make sure that the fund is a protected one. Once the structured settlement plan is accepted, it may not be possible to change the terms.

Settlement payments are tax-free. But if that money is invested, the income thereof could be taxable. Structured settlements offer better tax benefits. This is a matter to be discussed with a tax consultant.

If a minor is involved in a settlement, there could be complications. Court approval may be necessary.

Purchase Structured Settlements – A Guide

The idea of buying structured settlements is quite very interesting. The settlements made by insurance companies against the claims or any damages that are awarded by the quotes for the lawsuits that have been filed either in installments or in lump sum annuities. The damages that are paid in installments are known as structured settlements.

It is basically an arrangement that one makes with the financing agency or the third-party, bearing the financing agency or the third-party pays the money on the half off the person or the insurance company, who is obliged to pay for the damages. Whether the receiver of the money needs to lump sum money to meet its financial urgencies or to invest in an alternative plan would depend on his personal requirements. In any case, he will have to approach willing agencies to purchase them.

Method of obtaining the Structural settlement:

Some experts believe that purchasing settlements have drawbacks and many legal hurdles. Another factor is inconsistency of different legal formalities between various states and provinces. It have to be obtained or purchased with a lot of care and after carefully examining all the legal niceties associated with the intended purchase.


There are always some brokers who are willing to buy Structured Settlements. In case you’re willing to sell Structured Settlements, you must carefully watch all the conditions and terms that the broker offers you. The broker you sell the Structured Settlements to must be a reputed one. He should be a registered broker and must have authentic certificates to buy your settlements.

Trade Association:

Different states have Settlement Association. The association has authority to safely trade structured settlements either with private investors or agencies. These associations make sure that the entire process is carried on smoothly and it benefits both parties — the seller and the buyer.


It is important to obtain the best quote before selling the settlement. Make sure that the quote is sufficient enough for your future planning.


The company that is purchasing the Settlements may charge a high amount towards commission. This can be a major disadvantage in selling your structured settlement. In order to offset the loss, you must ensure that the commissioned amount is not excessive and retains its margin.